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June 2023 Real Estate Market Update

Market update mid June 2023 

May showers have brought June showers to much of Colorado.  As I write this almost-half-year market review, there are fat white flakes falling in Winter Park.  While many of us are itching to play outside without all the mud and precipitation, we do what we can to stay positive.  Fire danger is low.  Lake Granby [...]

Try 4 of the Most Delicious Local Pizza in Winter Park, CO

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Everybody loves pizza, so finding the best pizza in Winter Park, CO, is a must. Here are four of the best places loved by residents and visitors alike. Enjoy locations with fantastic dining atmospheres, super friendly staff, and the best pizzas you’ve ever tasted! Read more to find your favorite pizza in Fraser, CO, or Winter [...]

Monthly Market Update - April 2023

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Despite lower buyer demand, many anticipated home prices to plummet this year, but that prediction has not come to fruition due to a shortage of available homes on the market. If you were one of the individuals hoping for a price drop by "waiting it out," it's time to reconsider. Compared to the same period last year, the first quarter of [...]

Fuel All Your Adventures: Coffee Shops in Winter Park, CO

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Coffee shops in Winter Park, CO, are great places to go before you head out for adventures, when you need a break, or are heading home after a nice long day of enjoying the area. For coffee lovers, grabbing a hot cup of java with fresh, high-quality ingredients makes all the difference in a day. This area has some of the most fantastic [...]

White Water Rafting in Winter Park, CO: Your Guide to An Unforgettable Adventure

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For anyone looking for thrilling adventures, white water rafting in Winter Park, CO, is an experience you will never forget. With various rapids ranging from beginner to advanced, all ages can come to enjoy the rivers near Winter Park, CO, and have a blast. Read on to learn everything you need to know about white water rafting in Winter [...]

Your Best Guide to the 3 Closest Airports to Winter Park, CO

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What is the closest airport to Winter Park, CO, for your vacation? If you're traveling from out of state and want to know more about your travel and the closest airports to Winter Park, this blog will explain everything you need to know, from a list of airports to distance, ground transportation, amenities, and more. We cover the closest [...]

Snowboard Rentals Winter Park, CO: 5 Great Places to Rent

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If you’re looking for snowboard rentals in Winter Park, CO, and wondering which are the best to rent from, we have a list of recommendations just for you. Winter Park has many great local businesses and chain stores, giving you multiple options to choose your favorite. Find places with the best locations, prices, other convenient services, [...]

Hot Springs Near Winter Park, CO: 6 Natural Wonders You'll Want to See

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Hot springs near Winter Park, CO, and across the state draw thousands of visitors annually to their therapeutic healing qualities and overall relaxing experience. After a long day on the slopes or exploring Colorado country, it is one of our favorite experiences. While there are many hot springs, both untouched and turned into businesses, [...]

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