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What Are the Best Restaurants for Thanksgiving Dinner in Winter Park, Colorado?

The holiday season is the most stressful time of the year for many. This year, let someone else do the work. Enjoy a relaxing holiday season when you haveThanksgiving dinner in Winter Park, Colorado.Each year, some of our favoriterestaurantshost a traditional Thanksgiving dinner buffet or plated Thanksgiving meal per a prix-fixe menu. No [...]

How to Have the Best Day in Downtown Winter Park, CO

Downtown Winter Park, CO, is an idyllic mountain town in Grand County. The Winter Park area is home to some amazing restaurants, shops, ski resorts, and homes. The town also has a public transportation system, making it easy for locals and visitors alike to explore everything the downtown area has to offer. Winter Park is home to many happy [...]

Market Update June 2021

Here it is, the last day of June 2021 and we are about to formally enter the dog days of summer. Did you know that according to Merriam Webster's dictionary, these dog days refer to the hot summer days that occur between July and September in the northern hemisphere each year. It comes from the fact that Sirius (the Dog Star) rises during [...]

4 Restaurants in Grand Lake, CO, You Need to Dine At

Everyone has a favorite restaurant in their hometown. Whetheritsa pizzeriathat uses homemade, hand-tossed crust ora BBQjoint withsmoked brisket with decedent sauces,theresalways oneeaterythat has a special placein the hearts of locals.If you ask Grand Lake, CO, residentswhich local restaurant is their favorite, you may hear several different [...]

April 2021 Market Summary

April Market Report Takin on a challenge is a lot like riding a horse. If youre comfortable while youre doing it, your probably doing it wrong. -Ted Lasso

No doubt the current real estate market is fraught with challenges. The lack of inventory for purchase exists in most markets across the country not just in our small mountain community [...]

How To Prevent Altitude Sickness in Colorado

Want to know how to avoid altitude sickness in Colorado? Altitude sickness is a common affliction for Colorado visitors and even residents. Its caused by the bodys inability to adjust to higher altitudes and results in flu-like symptoms. Altitude sicknesscan affect anyone, soits best treated with preventative measures.Below, weve listeda few easy [...]
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