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Real Estate Market Update - May 2024

Welcome to spring in the mountains! We are relishing in the recent days that are bringing more sun than snow. The sounds of the Boreal toads catch your ear when you least expect it - and what a lovely chorus they sing after a long winter. There are more mountain bikes and boats attached to vehicles than there are skis, snowboards or [...]

Find the Best Dog Trails in Winter Park, CO

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Winter Park, Colorado, stands out as a haven for dog lovers eager to immerse themselves and their canine companions in the beauty of the wilderness. This guide highlights the premier dog trails in Winter Park, CO, offering an array of adventures ideally suited for people and their pets. It's an invitation to explore the splendor of nature, [...]

Uncover Best Eats: The Ultimate Winter Park Restaurant Guide

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Explore culinary delights with our Winter Park restaurant guide, perfect for uncovering the best local dining experiences. Whether you're craving savory barbecue, authentic Mexican food, or exquisite seafood, this guide offers a comprehensive look at the top eateries in the area. From cozy breakfast nooks to vibrant dinner [...]

Real Estate Market Update - March 2024


What a wonderful February in the high country! While travel was somewhat impacted by all the snow, we had an amazing time playing in the white stuff that makes us the winter playground everyone loves. On the real estate front, February sales had some pep in their step too. There were 55 residential closings during this leap year in Grand [...]

5 Best Checkpoints for Your Colorado Home Inspection Checklist

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As a seller in the vibrant Colorado real estate market, understanding what buyers look for during a home inspection can be the key to a successful sale. This blog provides crucial insights into the Colorado home inspection checklist, helping you prepare your property to meet the discerning eyes of potential [...]

Winter Park CO Homeowners Insurance: Best 7 Facts to Know

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Navigating homeowners insurance in Winter Park, CO, can be as crucial as finding the perfect property. With unique environmental factors at play, understanding the specific requirements and benefits of homeowners insurance in this area is not just a wise move—it's imperative for any savvy homebuyer. This blog post helps demystify the [...]

Exciting Ways to Celebrate the Best Holidays in Winter Park, CO

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Spending the holidays in Winter Park, CO, is an exciting and festive experience. Nestled in the heart of the Rockies, Winter Park offers a captivating backdrop for memorable holidays. Whether it's the 4th of July or a Christmas tree-cutting adventure, Winter Park has it all. In this blog, we'll explore how Winter Park, CO, transforms into a [...]

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