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Road Biking in Grand County - by Mike Periolat

Road Biking in Grand County? Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know Winter Park/Fraser Valley is Mountain Bike Capital of Colorado... but dont forget to bring your road bike with you! Ive road biked throughoutthe Colorado mountain towns and one of my favorite rides is right in my backyard. highway 125 from Granby (Windy Gap) to Rand is worth a try. Drive uphighway 125 approx 5 miles past the 5 Star C-Lazy U Ranch. Park where you find a pull off. Its approximately 15 miles to the top of Willow Creek Pass... all uphill. This section follows Willow Creek for the majority of the ride and wildlife is always out to be seen. The climb up Willow Creek pass is moderate. The last 2-3 miles gets the heart beating, but is nothing like Berthoud Pass. At the top of Wiillow Creek Pass, depending on your energy level, you can decide to turn around and cruise the 15 miles home or drop down into Rand for a full day of pleasant roads, beautiful views and a variety of riding. This is a great early season ride to get your legs back under you. Tackle Berthoud Pass later in the Summer when the snow & rocks are gone. The traffic onhighway 125 is only noticeable on weekends. Road surface conditions overall are good, but shoulder is minimal. During the week, youll see 5-10 cars in your 30-50 mile ride if you are lucky. Get out and spin... in Grand County.

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