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Mountain Biking Etiquette in Winter Park - by Jean Wolter

Spring is here and so is mountain bike season. There are over 600 miles of incredible trails around Winter Park, (touted Mountain Bike Capital USA), and the Fraser Valley. Mountain Biking is a great way to get out and enjoy the area. Just a reminder that mountain biking, like many sports, has etiquette that all mountain biking enthusiasts should be aware of in order make the sport enjoyable for all who participate.
  1. Dont ride on wet boggy trails. This time of year during spring run-off, it is easy to get lured down a dry looking trail. Riding in soft mud creates erosion and will impact the quality of trail over the years. If you ride up to a wet section walk your bike around it. If you realize the entire trail is mucky, choose another route.
  2. Stay on the Trail. Dont create new diversion trails by riding of the main trail.
  3. Share the trail with others. Hikers and Horses have the right of way. If needed stop and let them pass. Try to alert them if you are approaching them behind by giving a friendly greeting or by politely alerting them that you are passing them by.
  4. The uphill rider always has the right of way. This makes total sense when you are the one grunting up the hill.
  5. Leave only tracks. Carry out all trash. Be careful not to leave micro trash from wrappers.

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