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Featured Bike Ride / Skill Level: Intermediate - by Julie White

This is one of my favorite rides to do after work, mainly because I can start at my home in Fraser. It takes me about 1.5 hours and theres nothing too technical about this ride its just fun! Either drive your car or ride your bike up CR 72 to the Chainsaw Trailhead on the right side of the road, theres parking here. If you turn west at the stop light in Fraser and stay left after you go under the rail road bridge youll get there. I recommend riding Chainsaw in this south to north direction, the beginning of this trail can test you if youre not warmed up, it starts with a long uphill be prepared! (Zoom joins Chainsaw about halfway up this first hill see below for longer ride). Dont worry though theres a fun, steep downhill about halfway through. Take Chainsaw to Flume, left on Flume. (Not feeling good? Bad weather rolling in? Heres a spot you can jump off, turn right on Flume instead of left and theres a short easy trail that ends at the St. Louis Creek Campground - after the bridge, turn left and youll see a parking lot on the right). Flume is a gradual easy climb that you can push yourself on with some rocky/rooty sections. Check the bridge out on Flume I helped build that bridge with the Headwaters Trail Alliance Adopt a Trail Program! Flume ends on CR 159, turn right & take the short ride on the road, Creekside Trailhead is on the other side of the creek on the right. Creekside is a fun ridable rocky trail with a couple bridge sections that if you are not expecting them, you can end up in the creek! There is a sharp blind curve onto the first bridge, if you ride this trail once, youll remember the turn. Creekside ends up near the St. Louis Creek Campground and you can loop back to your car if you need to by taking Flume back to Chainsaw or ride CR 73 back to Fraser. Want a longer ride? This adds about 30 minutes. Instead of starting on Chainsaw, ride past the Chainsaw Trailhead on CR 72/158 up less than 1 mile to Sunken Bridges on the right. Take Sunken Bridges up to CR 159, turn right and ride the road for about 1 mile to the top of Zoom. This is a fun fast downhill (theres still a couple muddy spots so look out for those toward the top of the trail). Left on Chainsaw and youre back on the route above. You can pick a map up at the WP Chamber or any bike shop in Winter Park or Fraser.

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