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The smallest visitor to Grand County - by Sylvia Hensely

I look forward to the hummingbirds first visit to my feeder every summer. Most hummingbirds winter in Mexico then journey to northern United States. The hummingbird migration is trigged by a hormonal change within their bodies which is caused by the changes of length in daylight. To prepare for their big flight they fill up on nectar and insects. They prefer to make the journey alone, unlike geese or ducks. Normally they travel during the day and rest at night. Except for the fight over the Gulf of Mexico where it takes longer than one day so must fly through the night until land is reached. These amazing birds can rotate their wings in a circle, can fly forwards, backwards, up, down, sideways, and hover in one spot. They can even fly upside down for a short distance If you would like to attract hummingbirds to your Grand County home try the recipe below: 1 part sugar to 4 parts water which closely matches actual flower nectar Stir sugar into water while bringing the mixture to a boil over low heat boiling is important to remove chlorine, mold, yeast that might be in sugar. Boil for 2 minutes, let cool. Dont boil any longer then 2 minute or you could change the sugar/ water ratio concentration Once the mixtures has cooled you can put in the feeder and store the balance in your frig for 7-10 days Enjoy your summer visitors!

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