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Did you know? - Facts about Grand County - by Peter Gach

This is the final leg of Grand County's border to the north and west. At the intersection of HWY 40 (at Muddy Pass and on the way to Steamboat Springs) and Hwy 14 (which goes towards Walden), The Rabbit Ears Range meanders east and northeast towards the Summer Range, encompassing around Rocky Mountain National park. The Rabbit Ears Range is the border for Grand COunty (south and Arapaphoe National Forest) and Jackson County (north and Routt National Forest), where it also crosses Hwy 125 at Willow Creek Pass (elevation 9621 ft). Roadwise, a great full circle drive for fall colors and on a motorcyle would be starting from Granby towards Kremmling on 40, towards Steamboat and the Rabbit Ears monument (which is fun to see from differenat angles of approach), to the intersection of Hwy 14, turning right towards Walden, then turning right at intersection of Hwy 125 towards Granby. This will lead through Rand and then to Willow Creek Pass, where after a few miles, you parallel Willow Creek till it flows away from Hwy125 as it heads past C Lazy U guest ranch. Great ride. Enjoy this young guy towards Willow Creek Pass. This month in the Stars: 13th, Neptune was just to the upper left of the brilliant, cream colored Jupiter. 14th, Mars was above Venus and the star Aldebaran (Tauras' eye) was to the lower right of Venus. 15th, half moon. 17th, the moon will above Venus in the morning. 18th the moon will beside Mars 19th, the moon will be to the left of Venus. 21st, start of new moon. 22nd, total solar eclipse but only can be seen if you are in Asia and the Pacific! 24th, Saturn will be above the moon as night falls. 25th, Saturn will be to the upper right of the moon. 28th, half moon at 5 PM. Have a great day, Peter Gach

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