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It's that time of year again - MUD SEASON in the Fraser Valley! - by Mike Periolat

It's that time of year again - MUD SEASON in the Fraser Valley! Mud Season officially starts on St. Patrick's Day (or within a couple days) and lasts for about a year... yes, about a year. Confused? I was confused for the first 5 years of living in Winter Park, but now I see as clearly as my front windshield on a good day... we'll ignore the back windshield, as we all do. It now drives me absolutely crazy to hear this phrase "Mud Season"! Like we should be expecting some change for the better or worse. The realty is, unless you never drive, your car exterior is always dirty if you live in Winter Park. In the past, I tried buying cars the color of dirt, waxing my cars every month in an attempt to make them more "slick" and I've even tried driving only certain hours of the day to avoid getting my car dirty... you know, stay a little longer at the Winter Park Pub and wait for the roads to freeze over. Nothing works. So, instead of fighting it, I now look at my dirty car as one of the "Privelages" of living in Winter Park. Having experienced this momemt of clarity, I never wash my car, and when a Denverite or Chicagoite or Texan asks me, "do you ever wash your car?". I just say "you really need to see things more clearly, and move to the mountains."

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