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Lookin' Good- by Jennifer Brewster

We all know the number one rule of Real Estate: Location, location, location. Its true, that is a very important factor, but there are others. Another one that I think is a close second is the charm that a property has to offer. A huge factor in that charm is that first impression a property makes when a Buyer drives up to it. Let me stop beating around the bush I am talking about Curb Appeal!! Curb appeal is the equivalent of charisma in a home. It's that quality that makes you say "wow," when you first see it. You feel good when you pull into the driveway. You want to walk in the front door. Whether the home is yours or one that you're considering, curb appeal can make a big difference in how you feel about the property. Although you would not know it by looking out the window of the Real Estate of Winter Park office today, it is Spring time in the mountains, and there is no better time to get your curb appeal at its prime than in the SpringHere are some tips for getting your property Spruced up in order to achieve peak curb appeal. 1. Get the yard looking great while still in its native state. Clean up any trash, and dog, deer, elk, or moose droppings! If you have a yard with native grass, get out the rakes and get after it get all the dead stuff out so the new stuff starts to grow! Make sure plant beds are edged with nice, crisp edges, and mulched, It makes everything stand out. This all gives the feeling that if the outside is being taken care of, maybe the inside is, too. 2. Don't skimp on flowers. It's always nice to have flowers in front of the house, whether it's hanging baskets, beds of annuals or both. And, for some reason, people like red flowers better than anything else. 3. Clean the windows, doors and front entryway. Get rid of those spider webs on the light fixtures, shine any metal work and change all the bulbs. Visitors will notice whether the front of the home looks clean, even if it's on an unconscious level. And if everything is shined and bright, it's not only inviting but it signals that the rest of the home is well maintained. 4. Scope out the front door. It's one of the first things people will notice in a home, so make it count. But that doesn't mean you have to break the bank because there are good options at every price level. You can paint it for the cost of your time and a little paint or have it professionally replaced for $1,000 or more. 5. Pressure clean. It can give a clean, new appearance to walkways, driveways and (depending on the construction of your home) sometimes the house itself. You can even rent the machinery and do it yourself. 6. Talk to your friends. Get a fresh eye. You don't see something starting to look old or run-down because you see it so gradually. Bring in a couple of people you trust and ask their opinions. 7. Head for the trees. Trees, planted in the right spaces can enhance the appeal and value of a home. Consult a professional to help you select the variety, size and location. And if you want to plant larger trees, have them professionally installed. 8. Paint your house. If you really want to really amp up that curb appeal, painting your house makes a difference, Use colors that are appropriate for the style of your house. You want to have a color that's warm and inviting, It's one of the easiest ways to get curb appeal. 9. Look for elements that draw too much attention from the rest of the house. One example is the garage door. A garage door should blend in. It shouldn't stand out and be the whole focus of the garage. 10. And last, but certainly not least. One of the best ways to wow a potential buyer coming to look at your home is to show them right away how smart you are by putting a Real Estate of Winter Park sign out front!!

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