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Tree Mitigation in Grand County - by Peter Gach

Ski season is over, summer is officially 40 +/- days away. For property owners in Grand County, we are starting to see mailings going to property owners (as we have for the past number of years) reminding us about the on going mitigations planned for fire protection and removal of hazardous dead trees. Anchor Point Group a fire mitigation consulting group, is working with Grand Fire Protection District Community Wildfire Protection Plan (whew, how fast can you repeat that!), along with other departments of Grand County, have been helping in determining the county's plan in removing these hazardous trees with the County's Right of Way on the county's roads. The trees removed in the right of ways are free to an owner. Mountain Parks electric has been doing the same in their right of ways. The Forest Service has been very helpful as well in helping these trees where their properties are within or surrounding a subdivision. So be sure to open and read any mail you receive from these Departments and entities. Most of their respective efforts are free to an property owner but as an owner, you have to look at your property to determine what mitigation it needs. Yes, there are some out of area owners who haven't seen their properties in years and they need to be reminded to consider doing tree removal, etc. They are predicting a hot and dry summer, so it's all about the potential fire danger we DON'T want to see.......

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