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Size Matters?? - by Mike Periolat

The size of your car, the size of your TV, the size of your BBQ grill..all seemed to be The American Way in years past. Are we seeing a change in this mentality with the new financial World we are living in?? I would argue YES. As a realtor for the last 16+ years in Winter Park, I could lie and tell you I recognized this trend, but my hind-sight is so much better. Todays 2nd home Buyer, at any wealth level, seems to be considering more options like: how small of a 2nd home can they work/live with, if they build, how efficient can they be with both space and utilities, and believe is our not they simply do not want to clean a 6,000 square foot 2nd home anymore. Expectations and wants are still at a great level to secure a 2ndhome in the mountains as a families special place to get away, but the focus has changed dramatically. Probably for the best. Size does matter, but it seems that people are getting more impressed by efficiency and convenience. Im going to get cracking, building some cozy little cabins in the woods, with 3 car garages, large decks/patios and 42 flat screen cant expect me to give up everything can you!?

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