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Remember the good ‘ol days in Winter Park, Colorado? - by Mike Periolat

Remember the good ol days in Winter Park, Colorado when Sellers were in charge? I do and it was not long ago. Sellers were happy, buyers were happy, negotiations actually moved forward to Closings for 95% of the deals. Life was good and my life as Real Estate Broker was easy!! I wont say those days are gone, because many of the Sellers either wanting and/or needing to sell, are still moderately happy at a Closing. When considering the National Resort Area market, Grand County/Winter Park has been a much better investment than almost all othersjust ask your friends who bought that perfect vacation getaway in Florida or Phoenix! Whats absolutely dead is the Sellers privilege to think like a Sellerif they want to be a Seller. Stupid me, I should have figured this out sooner. About 4 years ago, I was talking to a friend in the Denver area who was selling me on his house that had been for sale for over 9 months. Going onand on about why it was the best in the neighborhood, why it should sell fast and for more than any other home. At the time, I told him to pretend I had on a Buyers hat and would think like a Buyer. He obviously hadhis Sellers hat on tight and as unmoving as a bad toupe in a hurricane. I then asked my friend to trade hats, put on my Buyers hat and take me thru his house.this lasted about 20 seconds and he quickly was back to telling me all the benefits and upgrades.yada yada yada. His house sold about 10 months later for a 30% discount. The World is not coming to an end in Winter Park Colorado. Many fortunate families continue to visit, purchase second homes/condos and call this great place their home away from home. And, a few fortunate ones get to live here full time. I happy to be here assisting this process. Bottom line in todays tough Real Estate market, if you think like a Seller, look like a Seller and act like a Seller -- you are a Seller. A buyer can spot you a mile away. At a Closing table, I somehow sit there with two Buyers..

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