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Soak in the surrounding beauty of Berthoud Pass - by Peter Gach

Accompanied byJim Bridger, Edward L Berthoud discovered the pass in July 1861 while surveying a possible route for the railroad. Berthoud reported that the pass was suitable as a wagon road, but not as a railroad. Parts of the original wagon trail still existon the east side near Berthoud Falls. This picture dates back to the 1880s and shows just how hard these horses (not the ones in your car) had to work in order to carry the whole family over the pass. While their journey was slow and views never changing they still got the same lasting impression from their wagon as we get today from driving. So whether it is your first time making the journey or you are like me and make it almost every day, take some time to soak in the surrounding beauty of Berthoud Pass.

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