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10 Trends That Will Drive the Winter Park Area Real Estate Market - by Julie White

With the future as uncertain as always, here are10 real estate trends that will drive the market in the next few years in Winter Park, Fraser, Tabernash, Granby & Grand Lake Areas. All of the towns have a high rates of second homeowner/vacation owner/investor and until that changes there are certain trends that separate us from the main stream real estate markets. 10 Trends that will drive the future of housing in the Winter Park Area: 1. Dual or Triple master suites. When looking for a vacation home multiple master suites is a must for a extended family or friends that will be visiting. 2. Baby Boomers want a first-floor master bedroom near the washer and dryer and lots of convenient storage.Good property management & homeowners investing time & energy into managing their HOAs will continue as most homeowners do not visit the property often enough to keep up with maintaining the property. 3. Extra sleeping spaces lofts, family room with sofa beds, trundle beds, bunk beds. So many sales here include the furniture with the home that buyers are looking for extra places to sleep guests without adding another bedroom. 4. Walk able living or ski shuttle living while being close to outdoor activities anything to make it more convenient for the buyers or renters to easily enjoy the area. 5. Buyers want more Energy efficient homes and appliances. Starting in 2011, Energy Star will ramp up its efficient design and quality installation standards. To get Energy Star certification, builders will have to install the right insulation, HVAC systems, and other features related to energy efficiency correctly every time. 6. Locals and Denverites are still very interested in garages to store all their gear, even a storage shed or ski locker is a huge plus. 7. With the continued Downtown revitalization in Winter Park & Fraser, downtown living will grow as the downtowns develop. 8. With 81 million "Echo Boomers" born from 1981 to 1999, compared to just 78 million Baby Boomers born from 1946 to 1964. These children and grandchildren of Boomers will drive home-building for years. We will see more young people getting into their starter (vacation) home. 9. There are still hundreds of plattedneighborhoods that have not been built out we will see the major developers continue to expand around Winter Park & Fraser with everything from"affordable housing options to high end custom homes. 10. Ski-in/ski-out and mountain views will always continue to be a popular trend. Did I miss anything???

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