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My New Year Resolutions - by Ron Owens

Yep, it's that time of year. It's time to write down my New Year's Resolutions. If you haven't done yours yet don't worry, you're not alone. But don't fret, there's still time to get them together. This year I've promised myself to take mine much more seriously than I have in the past. Perhaps its a consequence of this Great Recession period we all are going through. A recent national poll by the General Nutrition Center found that more than 50% of us resolve to spend more time with family and friends in the New Year.I'm good with that. After all, they're some of my favorite people! In addition, I resolve (again) to get in shape and lose weight. Note to self: This time I'm serious! I also want to work on getting my financial house in better shape.Meaning, I want to start turning my 201K back into a 401k again. (Remember the good ol' days?) Obviously, that means doing a better job with both expenses and increasing my income. I also resolve to laugh more, get mad less, tell those that I love that I love them more often, read more for pleasure, take time to enjoy sunny days and blue skies more often, listen more to my favorite music and, to take myself less seriously. In short, I acknowledge that my life will always be, to a large extent, what I choose to make of it. Whatever your resolutions are for 2011 I wish for you happiness, success, good health and the time to enjoy it. Happy New Year!

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