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Why should you use a local Real Estate agent? - by Jennifer Hughes

At Real Estate of Winter Park we firmly believe that using a local Realtor is in your best interest. Let me tell you why Market Knowledge - A good local agent knows the inventory inside and out and will be able to easily pick out homes that are a good fit for you. They Know The Schools -A local agent will have personal experience with the school system and be able to share valuable information with you. Neighborhood Experts - A local agent not only knows all the specific neighborhoods, but often has friends and clients in each one that can be made available to you if needed. Our clients always appreciate hearing from people who live in the neighborhoods they are considering. Strong Relationships With Other Agents - A good local agent will network withother local agents to get information that you will never find online. We will know about homes that may be coming on the market in the future or learn about a seller who has suddenly become "highly motivated" and is open to offers. In The Know - Real estate gossip gets discussed in every community, like PTA meetings and at the local softball field.A local agent hears this "insider information" andis able to then share it with their clients. Local is Safer- Real estate transactions are very complicated,involving a lot of money and risk. A local agent is always the safest choice.

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