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Recycled Holidays - by Sarah Ryan

If youre looking for ways to help your family do a better job of recycling this holiday season here are a few simple steps you can do to easily help protect the world around you. First and foremost Keep it Minimal. One of the best ways to go green this holiday is to simply remember that it is the spirit of the season that really means the most, not all the things. We all love getting our Christmas trees, don't we? Some of us escape into nature and trudge up hills through inclement weather to cut down that perfect tree ourselves, while others go for the convenience of a tree lot. However you retrieve your tree, be sure to dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way. Tree Recycling! Last year, nearly 93% of Christmas trees in the U.S. were recycled. Thats a fantastic number, but theres still some room for improvement. Recycled trees put natural resources back into the environment and reduce waste. Check for a tree recycling center near you by And please remember that burning your tree is NOT recycling - it can lead to dangerous creosote build-up in your chimney. If you cant find a recycle center, consider putting your tree outside as a haven for birds or other animals. Composting it into your garden is another option. One of the simplest ways to be green this holiday season is to be conscious with Wrapping Paper. It is easy enough to use recycled paper for your holiday gifts or use the paper youve received from others by smoothing it out and re-using it. You could also cut it into pieces to use as tags or homemade cards. Even give it to your children for craft projects. Another great way to recycle with paper is to make your own out of other things. Look around your house for other sources of paper such as the pages from old childrens books, magazine covers or tissue received in a mailing box. You can also easily make your own paper using recycled brown paper some paint, stamps and a little imagination. Although it sounds terrible and no one wants to admit to it, passing along a gift or Re-Gifting is actually a good idea. You dont need to secretly re-gift the things you really dont need or want and hope that no one finds out. Donate it to a charity or other organization in need instead.

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