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Come Boo the Villain this Memorial Weekend! - by Shanna Lalley

Maybe you missed the melodrama this winter. Maybe you have guests looking for Memorial Weekend activities. Just your luck: We're having a reprise of The Treasure of Shiver River. May 23, 24, and 25, 8 pm, Grand Lake Community House. Get your tickets at Grand Arts Council. Melodrama in a Nutshell. The Treasure of Shiver River is, in true melodrama form, a classic tale of good and evil. Will the nasty scoundrel Rod Enreel take over the Shiver River Ranch and find the hidden treasure if Colonel Sanders cant sell his cattle to come up with the mortgage money? Will Marshal Marshall Law, who would love to propose to Heidi Claire, the colonels daughter, win her? Or will our heroine Heidi marry the black-hearted villain, even though he only plans to do her in and abscond with the treasure and his romance novel-loving partner-in-crime, Paige Turner. Did you know that our villain doesnt have a good evil laugh and has to appoint an Evil Laugher from the audience? Why do the Marshal and Heidi hear romantic music every time theyre in a scene together? And, beware of the pirates, a semi-reformed female gambler and an auctioneer whos tricked into thinking hes a dog (or a horse) by a con artist with as many accents as the United Nations. Be sure to boo the villain, cheer the hero, ahhh the heroine, and have fun enjoying the show. Ahhhh. You will have to wait and see.

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