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Zillow and Trulia Merge - by Janene Johnson

Zillow and Trulia, the two largest syndicators of real estate information, have joined forces. Ive heard that a lot of real estate practitioners are nervous about this. Im not nervous, but I am paying attention. You see, I know what real estate practitioners do for their clients. It isnt just putting the listing out there on the web and seeing if someone will notice it and hopefully buy it. That is what Zillow and Trulia do, they pull the information from the various MLS services out there, and put the information out on the web. They dont pull it off the web when it sells, they dont change the one listings information when the price is reduced, they just add a new listing so now there are two listings for the same property out there. Dont get me wrong, I love that a buyer or seller can go to these sites and get some very good information about the local real estate market. But what do they do with that information? They turn right around and take it to their preferred real estate agent and get clarification. As a real estate professional, I consider it my job, my duty actually, to educate buyers and sellers on what has really occurred in my local market. I have all of the sales, I know the square footage, the condition, the source of water/sanitation and even the fact that the family room is painted a color that can only be described as blood-red orange! I pay attention to legislation, meaning local, state and federal, that would affect the home-buying process. I attend seminars meant for lenders but that will help me get buyers and sellers involved with the right loan professional. Personally, I am part of a team of brokers here in Winter Park, Colorado that work together to make sure our customer service is consistent and over the top. We all educate each other on situations going on in our area so that we are well-informed. Here in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, we deal with issues pertaining to percolation tests, well permits, radon mitigation, snow removal, tree removal, snow loads, property managers, rental managers, Property Owners Associations, you name it, we work with it. We may not have all of the answers but we certainly have the right professionals contact information on speed dial! So yes, Trulia and Zillow are creating quite a buzz in the real estate world but just remember that they are genius at aggregating information and posting it on the web. Getting eyes on the information is their specialty. My specialty is making sure that the information you are seeing is accurate and understandable and most importantly, of interest to you in your search for property or your search for a buyer for your property. Happy Hunting!

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