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Frequently Asked Questions from Buyers - by Janene Johnson

Does the shuttle bus go by this property? Typically, Real Estate Agents in Winter Parkhave a lot of resources that can help you figure things out, like shuttle bus routes, etc. Here in the Winter Park area, we have a free shuttle that runs from the Winter Park Resort through the valley to various areas. We tend to have these resources in our offices along with being published in our beautiful property magazine. Look for that around the towns of Winter Park and Fraser. If I want to put the property on a nightly rental program, what amenities are necessary to make it successful? Remember that bus route I talked about in the first paragraph? Well, thats probably the most important piece to the puzzle. If your property can give potential nightly rental guests easy access to the free shuttle to the Winter Park Resort, you are good to go. Hot tubs are the next most important amenity, whether it is a personal hot tub for the unit or a community hot tub in the complex, those are a must have. Pools, whether indoor or outdoor, laundry facilities, meeting rooms are all wonderful amenities but not as important as the first two items. Of course, ski-in/ski-out would be at the top of the list but most potential guests realize that comes at quite a hefty price! Who hires the appraisal? The buyers lender hires the appraisal. The listing brokerage will cooperate with the appraiser in gaining access to the property but the lender is the entity that drives this process. If there is no loan on the transaction yet the buyer still wants an appraisal, buyer can hire the appraiser and it will work in much the same way as if lender hires the appraiser. When does it start snowing in the Winter Park area? This is always such an interesting question! I wish I knew, I could make a fortune. But in general, we start getting our snow by November 1st of each year. Youll see snow off and on during the month of October but November 1st tends to be the magic date. How much snow does Winter Park Resort get? Typically, the Winter Park Resort gets about 250 inches of snow a year. To those of you that dont want to do the math, that is a little over 21 feet! Of course, we dont get it all in one month but our big snow months tend to be March and April. But the fact that it starts snowing at the beginning of November means that we tend to always have good snow by Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year. If I drop into the runs off the back of the Winter Park Resort, does that allow me access to the ski runs at Breckenridge? I am not kidding. When I worked at the Winter Park Resort on Courtesy Patrol, people actually asked this question! I guess they think the Colorado Rocky Mountains are all inter-connected? Im not sure. But the reality is that while we have incredible skiing and outdoor activities throughout the Rocky Mountains, they are spread out across the state. Who pays the real estate broker? This depends on the agreement that is in place with the seller. I write my listing agreements with the seller that the seller will pay the commission. The listing brokerage will get some of that commission and the selling brokerage will get the remainder. I tend to offer out 50% of the total, so everyone wins. It becomes less clear when a selling agent finds a For Sale by Owner property, where the owner has no agreement in place (as seller) to pay any commission to anyone. Then it becomes part of the negotiation between the buyer and seller as to who will cover that cost. Can you recommendinspector, lender, repairman, electrician, babysitter, restaurant? In my experience, real estate agents live and play in the very same areas that they represent in their work. They are knowledgeable about recommending many services for both the transaction and for the buyers convenience once the property has been purchased. Our company even has a published Resource Guide that we distribute in the paper version and also publish on our website, We have found this guide to be extremely helpful to potential buyers in the process of purchasing property up here in the Winter Park area. Why do we need a title company? The title company will manage the transaction for all parties. They will order the title policy, make sure no expenses or debts remain past the closing dates, and generally facilitate the transaction for a smooth closing process for all. The title companies in the Winter Park area know where to find the answers to so many of the questions regarding taking title to a property in this area. On top of that, they tend to have an attorney on staff to help answer some of the more technical questions. Real estate practitioners in Colorado truly couldnt do their jobs as well without the assistance of a good title company.

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