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Stagecoach Meadows Run - by Amanda Solomon

I’m a runner. I love to run, mostly on our amazing single-track trails of the Winter Park/Fraser Valley, but I’ll run the roads when I have to. They’re not as fun, but I do tend to “zone out” while running the pavement. When we moved into our new home in Stagecoach Meadows two years ago this month, I took to running the loop around the neighborhood quite often. When I have more time, I head down County Road 517 as well. The road seems to go on forever, over a cattle grate, around a bend, up a big hill and on and on and on. My favorite is when I turn around; the views of The Divide are amazing. I can catch the changing colors as the sun rises in the morning and see the Alpenglow in the evenings. A lot has changed in our area of Fraser in two years. That first winter, it felt so quiet to me. There were many vacant lots that lined the road, a lot of second home owners who you don’t see much of, and I guess when it’s -10 degrees in the morning, there’s not a lot of outdoor activity! As that spring turned to summer, and now with the real estate market picking up, it’s become a lot more active. We saw some major home renovations going on across the meadow last spring. This summer, two homes are being built from the ground up on those vacant lots. It’s so wonderful to watch the neighborhood grow. More full time Grand County residents are moving in, and the second homeowners are visiting more often. With the rehabilitation of the historic Hay Barn that lines the 4 Bar 4 road this summer and the signage that is in front of the two Stagecoach Barns further down signifying the fact that these historic buildings are listed on Colorado Preservation’s endangered list, I realized that I live in a pretty special neighborhood. I invite you to take a drive though this gem, down the 4 Bar 4, and past the historic stagecoach barns. If you’re ready to move in, there’s only one home to choose from currently, but still a handful of vacant lots. Maybe you’ll drive through when I’m running by; I’ll be sure to wave.

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