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Snow Tires for Snow Country - by Carrie Flynn

We have all seen it or maybe even been there ourselves. The car that is slipping and sliding on the snowy and ice covered roads of I-70 or coming over Berthoud Pass. Trying to get up to the high county to enjoy the skiing. But I have a great SUV with all-wheel drive. I can go anywhere! Especially because I live in the mountains in Winter Park. These are all season tires with under 20,000 miles on them. Besides, who wants to spend $1000 for something you dont look good in, cant enjoy, or even indulge in. Its not a nice weekend getaway up to Grand County with your friends and with your loved ones. They are just tires. A week later, while out touring property in Rendezvous in Fraser with another broker in her car and it happened. We were driving at a reasonable speed in a beautiful SUV equipped with every necessary bell and whistle for winter driving except for snow tires. Down a slight hill with a slight curve and what do you know, we slide right into a snowbank. Fortunately, no one was hurt and no damage was done. In fact, we laughed about it for about the 45 minutes that it took for her husband to get there and pull us out. $1100 later and I can say my snow tires were one of the best purchases I have made in some time. No, they are not new skis and no, there was no amazing meal at Tabernash Tavern while drinking some fabulous wine with friends. But I love them. With this wonderful start to a great ski season and the tread requirements enforced on I-70, I can drive around with confidence I never had before. And now, all of the clients jumping into my car to look at their possible mountain getaway, can feel at ease knowing some great snow tires are taking them there.

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