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Top 6 Reasons to Love Ski In Ski Out Properties

Has your love for skiing ever driven you to consider constructing a cabin on the mountain just so you could get to the lift quicker? Do you dream of waking up, grabbing your skis, walking out your front door and immediately getting on the lift? Well, weve got news for you your dreams can be a reality, and for way less of a hassle than building a house for yourself. What youre looking for is a ski in ski out property, and if you keep reading, well show you why youll love them!


This is the main feature of ski in ski out properties. Whats better than an abode built on the same mountain that youre skiing? Nothing. Plus, the towns that ski in ski out properties are located in are pretty cool: Winter Park, Breckenridge and Vail to name a few, and those are just examples of Colorado cities. You can find ski in ski out lodging in ski-friendly states like Utah and Wyoming too!


Your alarm goes off. Hit the snooze. Get dressed. Pour your coffee. Look out the window. What a great day to hit the slopes, you think to yourself. Check your weather app to confirm that today really is a great day to ski. Strap on your boots. Grab your skis. Walk outside. Get on the lift. Yes, its really that simple. Well, you could cut out the coffee and checking the weather if you want, but why would you when the lift is your neighbor? No need to rush. (And why would you skip coffee?)


What do you when the view from your window looks like those images that get thousands of likes on Instagram? You take it all in, thats what you doand maybe snap a pic for the gram. Think were exaggerating? Just do a Google search.

Aesthetic Appeal

Ok, so this might not be the most grounded of selling points, but have you seen what a ski in ski out property looks like? Rustic appeal doesnt even begin to describe their appearance. With the perfect blend of stone and wooden components, you would be hard-pressed to find better-looking mountain housing!


Think of the money you could save. The location alone cuts out any gas money you would spend driving to the mountain (an added bonus if youre renting a car), and easy access to your kitchen means you eat for free!

Improving Your Skill Set

Chances are that if youre willing to purchase or rent a ski in ski out property, skiing isnt just a hobby for you; its a lifestyle. And if its a lifestyle, than its safe to assume youre always looking to improve it. What better way to do than having the ability to ski as soon as you step outside? Practice makes perfect, and ski in ski out properties put practice in your backyard literally. So, does that solve your dilemma? It should ski in ski out properties improve every aspect of ski lodging, and whats not to love about that?The team here at Real Estate of Winter Park understands skiings importance to our clients. Contact us today, and well help you find the best housing in town.

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