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How to See the Views from Berthoud Pass

About 11 miles south of Winter Park, the Berthoud Pass traverses through the mountains to Berthoud Falls. It’s known as one of the more scenic byways and trails in the area and presents gorgeous views you don’t want to skip! There is some important information you should know about Berthoud Pass before you travel. So, let us be your guide! Here’s how to see the views and what else you should know about the Berthoud Pass! At Real Estate of Winter Park, we want you to make the most of the area whether you’re just visiting or live here year-round! Check out our recommendations for things to do to discover Grand County like you’ve never before!

What You Should Know About the Berthoud Pass

Berthoud Pass History

Accompanied by Jim Bridger, Edward L Berthoud discovered the pass in July of 1861 while surveying a possible route for the railroad. Berthoud reported that the pass was suitable as a wagon road, but not as a railroad. Today, parts of the original wagon trail still exist on the east side near Berthoud Falls. In its early days, horse-drawn wagons had to work very hard in order to carry the whole family over the pass. While their journey was slow and views never changing they still got the same lasting impression from their wagon as we get today from driving. The pass was once the spot for the Berthoud Pass Ski Area. Many locals still come here to take advantage of the immense yearly snowfall and take the more challenging routes for backcountry skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing. There is a warming hut at the top of the pass for those enjoying the winter wonderland can thaw a bit while taking breaks.

Hike the Trail at Berthoud Pass

The moderate-rated and decently trafficked trail is 5.5 miles out-and-back. It features wildflowers, a gradual elevation gain of 2,066 feet, and tremendous views. Many who hike the trail recommend taking wind breaks, as well. It’s best to take the hike between March and October to avoid snow on the trail.

Driving Tips Along the Pass

Don’t get “stuck” in the Fraser Valley due to a road closure! Berthoud Pass goes through extreme mountainous terrain and the highway traverses several major avalanche paths that are prone to slide after heavy snowfall. Wind can also be a factor when driving through the pass.

Just One of Many Things to See Near Winter Park

Our area is rich with opportunity for things to do! If you’ve ever been to Winter Park or the Grand County area, you know what we mean. Whether you’re traversing the Berthoud Pass to catch the views or skiing at Winter Park Resort, it won’t get old! Be sure to check out our suggestions for things to do so you don’t miss out on anything. At Real Estate of Winter Park, we believe you’ll find the quality of life you’ve been looking for right here in Grand County. With the vibrant livelihood you’ll find here year-round, you won’t want to be anywhere else. So, when the time comes to find your mountain dream home, our expert team of agents will help you find just what you’re looking for!

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