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A Visit to the Popular Idlewild Distillery Will Lift Your Spirits

The craft beverage scene has certainly been around for a long time, but in recent years it has seen a boom in popularity. Whether youre looking for a place for aprs ski, a drink to warm up with, or simply a place to unwind for a little while, Idlewild Distillery Spirits is one of the best places in Winter Park to enjoy a high-quality beverage.

Idlewild Distillery Spirits You Need to Try

It says something about an area when local craft breweries, wineries, and distilleries thrive. When consumers focus on supporting local businesses and buy local goods, everyone stands to gain. Idlewild Distillery is a great example of that type of business. Ever since Jeff Ruhle opened the restaurant in the summer of 2016, Idlewild Distillery has produced high-quality spirits both for the enjoyment of Winter Park locals and beyond. Whether youre a connoisseur of single malt whiskey, a casual gin drinker, like the fun of rum, or want the versatility of vodka, Idlewild Distillery has it all. Quality and consistency is the name of the game when it comes to distilling fine spirits, and Idlewild has mastered the techniqueso much so that readers of the local Sky-Hi News rated it the best bar around. So, which drinks on the menu do you need to try? Some of their offerings change with the seasons, while others remain year-round. Below are the spirits you can expect to encounter!

Colorado Single Malt Whiskey

Though this single malt whiskey is still aging in the barrel, it just means the final product will be that much better. Its definitely worth the wait. Aromas of caramel and chocolate balance with the vanilla and oak youd expect from whiskey.

Woodcutters Bourbon Whiskey

A mash compiled of grain sourced from local Colorado farms gives this bourbon a complex flavor unique to the area. On top of the flavor that the grain imparts, newly charred oak barrels and a combination of three wood types gives the bourbon its own signature flavor you dont want to skip.

Hibiscus Infused Gin

As a result of the hibiscus infusion, this gin has something unique about it that separates it from the pack. Rather than the same old boring gin, Idlewilds hibiscus-infused gin pops in the glass with a bright, reddish-pink color and a taste that features fresh notes of berry and citrus.

Idlewild Vodka

Theres a distinct difference between run-of-the-mill vodka and Idlewild vodka. The final product is made through a process that features a hand-selected 100% grain mash mixture and a hardwood charcoal filtration process, rendering the vodka smooth and smoky. Its unlike any vodka youve ever tried!

Rocky Mountain Silver Rum

This rum is all about shattering expectations. With a much higher percentage of molasses in the mash, this rich, silky rum sets itself apart. Idlewild Distillery rests its rum in barrels to mellow out, resulting in a full-bodied rum that is one of the best youve ever had!

Alpine Gin

The combination of 13 botanicals in this gin recipe makes something entirely unique and refreshing. Discover blood orange zest, peach skin, cucumber peel, pink peppercorns, garden herbs, elderflower, and more when you imbibe this beauty.

Vanilla Vodka

This classically-infused vodka is leaps and bounds ahead of your typical terrible dance bar vodka. The vodka is infused with fresh vanilla beans for the perfect amount of time, resulting in a smooth vodka that is great as a mixer or as a pleasant sipper.

Barrel Aged Gin

Idlewild Distillerys Barrel Aged Gin is the product of aging its delicious Alpine Gin into a charred white oak barrel. The outcome is a bright and oaky conversation-starting gin.

On the Menu

To get the full experience of a visit to Idlewild Distillery, youll want to be sure to try some of the delicious small-plate food on their menu, which includes gluten-free and vegan options. The roasted Brussels sprouts and exquisite truffle fries are a local favorite! If youre looking for a happy hour in Winter Park, take advantage of Idlewild Distillerys, which provides an excellent opportunity for you to get acquainted with some of their incredible craft cocktails. Its all served in an inviting, warm atmosphere, and you can be sure that the staff will take great care of you. For another excellent distillery in the area, drop by the Fraser Valley Distillingafter much anticipation, it has recently opened its doors to the public.

Just Another Reason Why Winter Park is So Wonderful

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