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What Are the Best Ski Towns in Colorado to Live In?

Colorado is home to some of the best ski towns in the U.S. Its fantastic ski resorts are world-renowned, thanks to the diverse terrain, majestic mountains, and dependable snowfall. The towns that surround the incredible resorts provide plenty of things to do when youre not in the mood to ski (or when the resorts are closed). In a state known for world-class ski resorts and the picturesque mountain towns that surround them, it may be difficult to decide which one is the right one for you. Of course, choosing which town is the best ski town in Colorado to live in depends on what youre looking for. Do you want to live in a family-friendly town, or just the opposite? Would you like to be close to bigger cities, or would you prefer to live in a more remote location? Below, weve collected some of the best ski towns in Colorado to live in. Take a look, and maybe youll discover your dream town!

The Best Ski Towns in Colorado to Live In


Aspen combines the allure of a snowy mountain town with sophistication, resulting in a town that has a classy feel to it. Aspen is known for its high-end restaurants and boutiques. Of course, it is also known for its skiing opportunitiesunsurprising, considering that four mountains are nearby. However, the pleasant summers are what draw many to move here. The primary concern with living in Aspen is the cost; it can tend to be pricey.


Breckenridge also has a historic downtown area populated with Victorian architecture designated as a National Historic District. While still a small town, its a bit larger than some of the other ski towns on this list, which leads to more diverse offerings. For example, Breckenridge has its own Art District and a performing arts center in addition to boutiques, restaurants, museums, and more. You may want to be comfortable with high elevations before you make the moveat 9,600 feet, altitude sickness is no joke here.

Crested Butte

Crested Butte is also somewhat out of the way, which ensures that it will be less crowded than other ski towns. It is often referred to as one of the few real ski towns left in Colorado. As with Aspen, Crested Butte is just as pleasant in the summer as it is in winter, with such a high prevalence of wildflowers that it has been named the Wildflower Capital of Colorado. The relatively remote location of Crested Butte comes with some inconveniences, like having to drive to the next town for grocery shopping, and jobs are to some extent difficult to find. However, if you are willing to deal with those challenges, the natural beauty and sense of community will make up for it.


The core of this town is designated a National Historic Landmark District. The Victorian and Gothic architecture mixed with modern boutiques and the backdrop of the box canyon gives it a distinctive charm. Telluride is a bit more remote than other ski towns in Colorado, making it a good fit if you seek to escape city life.

Winter Park

Enjoy the best of both worlds when you live in Winter Park. Its a fairly small town, but its proximity to several nearby towns like Grand Lake, Granby and Fraser as well as cities like Denver ensures that youll be able to experience the benefits of larger towns, too. A wealth of natural beauty surrounds Winter Park; the Arapaho National Forest, three wilderness areas (encompassing three spectacular peaks), and Rocky Mountain National Park are all nearby, providing hundreds of miles of recreational opportunities. There are two ski areas, Winter Park Resort and Ski Granby Ranch, so youll have the option to choose where you want to go. In addition to the wide range of outdoor activities available, there is plenty to do in the town of Winter Park. The Village at Winter Park Resort and Cooper Creek Square are filled with entertainment, with ample bars, restaurants, shops, and events that occur throughout the year.

Make Colorado Your Next Home

exterior view of a house for saleThe balance that Winter Park enjoys sets it apart from other towns, making it the best ski town in Colorado to live in. Youll have access to a world-class ski resort in the winter and countless other outdoor activities no matter the time of year. You can enjoy the benefits of living in a small town, while Winter Parks location ameliorates the hardships associated with living in a small town. Whether youre looking for the perfect starter house or want to build your home just so, Real Estate of Winter Park is here to help! We provide the most extensive listings of all Winter Park real estate and homes for sale, and our expert Realtors have the knowledge to address any and all of your property needs. Start your search today, and dont hesitate to reach out and contact us with any questions you might have. Your dream home in the best ski town to live in Colorado awaits you!

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