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All of the Ways to Explore Arapaho National Forest

Colorado is one of the best states for outdoor adventure. Whether youre an avid outdoorsman whos always looking for the next big challenge or simply like to gaze in awe at Mother Natures creation from a summits peak, the Centennial State has you covered. Most notably, were known for being home to the beautiful and expansive Rocky Mountains. However, our state also has 11 national forests as well as two national grasslands that total more than 14 million acres. One of these is the incredible Arapaho National Forest! With so much federally protected and preserved land, youll never run out of ways to explore the outdoors.

Satisfy the Adventurer in You With These Activities at Arapaho National Forest

Fast Facts About Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forests

With so many national parks and forests, it can be hard to discern how they differ from one another. Heres everything you need to know about Arapaho National Forest!

  • Arapaho National Forest is managed as part of a trio of federally-protected land. These jointly-managed regions include the Arapaho National Forest, Roosevelt National Forest, and Pawnee National Grassland.
  • Its located in North Central Colorado and is about an hour and a half away from many of our properties in Winter Park, CO.
  • The forest covers 1,131 square miles of land. There are many different ways to experience these miles such as a wildlife refuge, wilderness areas, and more!

Visit the Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge

One of the most unique ways to explore this national forest is its wildlife refuge. The Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge is one of 560 of its kind that aims to protect the area animals home so that they can continue to exist and repopulate as easily as possible. The main species that inhabit this area are birds, but you can also observe fox, beavers, and more. During the day, you can visit the refuge area by taking a self-guided driving tour thats approximately six miles long. You can enter the area from State Highway 14 and embark on your very own wildlife tour!

Discover the Outdoors With Wilderness Areas

Outdoor enthusiasts will find Colorados rugged essence at Arapaho National Forests wilderness areas. Colorado is a state known for its awe-inspiring mountain ranges like those in Rocky Mountain National Park. The summits of Arapaho are no exception! There are six wilderness areas within Arapaho State Park. Some of the most notable include Byers Peak Wilderness and Mount Evans Wilderness. These are also the smallest and largest wilderness areas, respectively, and offer varying views and recreation.

Tune-In to Nature By Making North Central Colorado Your Home

Arapaho National Forest is just one of the many opportunities for outdoor exploration in North Central Colorado. Be near it all when you have a homestead here! Whether youre looking to relocate and start anew or for a place to spend the summers, Real Estate of Winter Park has a property for you. Browse a full list of our inventory, then contact one of our experienced brokers.

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