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10 Amazing Winter Park Bike Trails

When warmer weather rolls around, the trails near Winter Park are a prime spot for some of the nation's best mountain biking, both for cross-country and downhill bikers alike. Winter Park mountain biking makes for a worthy complement to the towns superb skiing. Aptly dubbed, Mountain Bike Capital USA, beginners and veterans alike will find more than enough rides and trail loops in the area to keep them happy when the summer months come around. Prepare for these adrenaline-filled months by checking out 10 of our favorite Winter Park mountain biking trails! The summertime in Winter Park brings with it an array of great things to do outdoors. So, check out the Real Estate of Winter Park teams favorite summer activities!

The 10 Best Trails for a Winter Park Mountain Biking Adventure

June 2020 Update: There has been a multitude of trail closures in Winter Park this year for logging, construction, and trail maintenance. Please check COTREX for the latest information on trail closures. Thank you for bearing with us as our community further beautifies this area! Its crucial for novices and experts of the sport to know which Winter Park mountain biking trails best suit their needs. We are the Mountain Bike Capital USA, meaning we have a lot of bike trails to choose from. As in, 600 miles of cross-country trails to choose from. Select the length, terrain, and elevation gain that fits your capabilities. Then, work your way up to the most challenging bike paths in Winter Park!

1. Idlewild Trail System

Twisting and turning through 8.7 miles of trails, the Idlewild Trail System is a great combination of challenge and distance, without being overwhelming in either category. Expect to climb more than 1,400 feet while tackling this cross country ride!

2. Rainmaker

Be sure to visit Trestle Bike Park at Winter Park Resort for a singletrack downhill biking trail that spans 3.3 miles. Rainmaker wears its Black Diamond rating with pride. The technical-minded rider will enjoy taking on the mixture of jumps, wooden obstacles (including the arched Rainbow feature), tabletops and more. Please note that you have to pay to use this trail, as you need to take the lift up to access it.

3. Fraser River Bike Trail

If youre new to mountain biking, or would rather prefer a cruise to a crucible, then the Fraser River Bike Trail is the path for you. A respectable 5.5 miles gives you a tour of the natural beauty that inhabits the Winter Park area.

4. Jones Pass to Hermans Gulch

This trail, while home to unparalleled views, is rated Extremely Difficult by bikers. With that in mind, Jones Pass to Hermans Gulch is 10-mile singletrack, perfect for experienced cross country riders.

5. Banana Peel Trail at Trestle Bike Park

Despite its off-beat name, the Trestle Bike Parks Banana Peel Trail is a route worthy of the attention of any adrenaline-addicted downhill biker. The extreme obstacles that highlight this course require riders to pass extra safety requirements before riding.

6. South Fork Loop

A great choice for novice cross country riders, South Fork Loop in the Idlewild Trail System gives its wheeled patrons a taste of single track riding, without the intensity of a black diamond rated trail. The loop is 2.8 miles long.

7. Grand Granby Ranch Loop

Measuring just over 10.8 miles, the Grand Granby Ranch Loop is one of the area's more challenging cross country outings, reaching an elevation of over 9,200 feet at its highest point. 1,620 feet of elevation change and many turns make this one of the areas more popular rides.

8. Winter Park Northwest Loop

Winding 10.2 miles and topping out at an elevation of just over 9,500 feet, cross country riders ready to move past easier trails will welcome the challenge that the Winter Park Northwest Loop presents. Its course crosses paths with many other trails along the way.

9. Trestle Downhill

Another Trestle Bike Park downhill biking trail, Trestle Downhill is only 1.4 miles long. However, dont let its minimal length fool you - this trail is rated double black diamond.

10. Rendezvous

14 miles of singletrack comprise Rendezvous, a speedy cross-country ride built for riders who crave speed. Plenty of twists and turns make this ride an exciting addition to Winter Park mountain biking's Epic Singletrack Series.

Follow the Trail to Your Winter Park, CO, Dream Home

Winter Park mountain biking is just one way for adrenaline junkies to defy gravity and explore our area. In the off-season, mountain bikers should try their hand at skiing and snowmobiling! If your love for adventure leads you to a lifestyle switch, let Real Estate of Winter Park help you find your dream home to make it happen. Weve got plenty of great homes within close distance to our areas trails. Contact us today to get started!

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