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Cold Weather Tips for the Home You Need to Know

Winter is the most popular season in Colorado! During this season, Colorado residents and visitors alike flock to Winter Park for skiing, snowboarding, and more outdoor fun. While the snow brings great fun, it can also bring bad news for homeowners. Frozen pipes, ice dams, and winter storms can all create costly problems for homeowners who dont winter-proof their homes. Consider our five best cold weather tips for the home this winter! These simple measures will keep you warm and save you money this winter season. Visit our Winter Activities Guide for more ideas on how to spend the snowy season in Winter Park, CO!

Top 4 Cold Weather Tips for the Home

Protect Water Pipes

Frozen water pipes are a winter weather nightmare. When water pipes freeze, the pressure inside the pipes causes them to burst. Consumer Reports reported that In fact, burst pipes are one of the most common causes of property damage during frigid weather and can cause thousands in water damageeasily $5,000 or more. Save yourself stress and money by taking simple measures to protect your water pipes! As a long-term solution, you can purchase pipe insulation at nearly every hardware store. This is especially important for exterior pipeslike those in garages, crawl spaces, and attics. Other tips to protect your water pipes from the cold weather include keeping your garage doors closed and keeping cool water flowing (or dripping).

Beware of Ice Dams

Rain isnt the only culprit of water damage to your home. Ice dams can cause a great deal of water damage. Luckily, there are simple steps you can take to protect against them. Ice dams occur when water freezes near the edge of your roof/gutters and prevents melting snow and ice from draining. This forces it to melt between the shingles on your roof and work its way into your home. The main way to combat ice dams is with proper ventilation. You want to eliminate the amount of heat near your roof. This means checking for unsuspecting heat sources in or around the attic, insulating top-level ceilings, and adding ventilation that circulates cool air from outside. In the warmer months, you can also take preventative measures like keeping your gutters clean.

Clean Your Chimney

Everyone loves to gather around the fireplace in the winter! As far as winter decorations, the fireplace is the centerpiece of your home. Its important to make sure your fireplace is as safe as it is beautiful. An annual chimney sweep is a must for anyone with a wood-burning fireplace. Chimney sweeps make sure that theres no residual buildup from last years burns. It also ensures that no small animals have made a home out of your chimney. This simple measure is the key to preventing a chimney fire, so you can enjoy stress-free evenings by the fireplace.

Double-Check Weather Stripping

Often, homeowners dont realize that their windows and doors need updated weather stripping until its too late. Theres nothing worse than feeling a cool draft sneaking its way into your home. Luckily, purchasing and installing weather stripping is affordable and easy. Simply pick up some door seals, foam tape, or caulk for your various weather stripping needs!

Real Estate of Winter Park Has Your Perfect Winter Home

There are many great things about living in the town of Winter Park, CO. To reap the rewards of this fabulous area, you must also know how to protect your assets using our cold weather tips for the home. Contact the team at Real Estate of Winter Park for more information on buying or selling in this area! Rest assured that were here to answer any of your questions about the complexities of living here and how to protect yourself and your home from the winter weather!

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