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How to Enjoy the Best of Hot Sulphur Springs

Are you searching for comfort and relaxation paired with stunning natural beauty? Look no further than Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado! This small town is home to an abundance of natural hot springs. Heated by volcanic rock deep below the Earth's surface, natural hot springs are Mother Nature's hot tubs! A visit to the springs is just what you need to rest from the stress of everyday life. While you're in town, be sure to explore other great attractions in the area. Even better, Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado is just a 40-minute drive from Winter Park, so it's easy to visit when you need to hit pause. Access our Summer and Winter Activities Guides for more local insight on what to do across Grand County. Whether you need to relax or explore, there's an activity for you!

3 Ways to Explore Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado

Located just 30 miles northwest of Winter Park, the small town of Hot Sulphur Springs is highly popular with locals and visitors alike. Here are three of our favorite ways to spend a day trip from Winter Park, CO to Hot Sulphur Springs!

1. Relax at Hot Sulphur Springs Resort and Spa

Hot Sulphur Springs Resort and Spa is known for its mineral water hot springs. This world-famous destination features 21 outdoor hot spring pools, as well as hot rock massages, body treatments, and more. The resort is the perfect place to treat your mind and body to a truly relaxing experience. The pools stay steaming 365 days per year, so it's a great place to escape any time you need it!

2. Visit the Pioneer Village Museum

When you're ready to dry off, head to the Pioneer Village Museum to step into the past. This museum highlights the early life of Grand County's first settlers. Explore the lives of the men and women who settled in Hot Sulphur Springs through physical artifacts, historic buildings, and more! You're sure to gain a greater appreciation for those who paved the way for the mountain lifestyle we know and love today.

3. Explore Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park is another great attraction in Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado. This 80-acre park boasts tons of outdoor recreation. From cross-country skiing to fishing, there's something for everyone's inner outdoorsman at Pioneer Park! The park also has several campsites, which are great for those in need of a weekend getaway to Hot Sulphur Springs.

Purchase a Home Nearby in Winter Park, CO

One of the best things about relocating to Winter Park, CO, are all the great attractions in town. Hot Sulphur Springs, Denver, and Rocky Mountain National Park are all just a short drive from Winter Park. You never have to travel far from home for an unforgettable trip! Contact the team at Real Estate of Winter Park when you're ready to begin your home buying journey. Our experienced agents are experts on the Grand County area and are here to help you find a home that meets your needs!

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