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Market Update March 2022

Spring break- whoop whoop! We are in the midst of the busiest weeks of the ski season outside of the Christmas/New Year holiday. There is very little vacancy in lodging right now and LOTS of vacancy on the shelves at the local supermarkets. The weather is a mixed bag of bluebird, slushy bump, mandatory SPF 50 days and the "why didnt I wear my down jacket?" type days of March. The market opinions are as ckle as the weather right now. Ination, Fed interest rate hikes, and Fannie/Freddie double dipping are just a few. The latter of these buzz words, "Fannie Freddie double dipping" is not necessarily a household term and is more of an opinion. If you havent heard, these giant GSE (Government Sponsored Enterprises) are trying to help the primary home market become more affordable by instituting excess fees and percentage points (aka LLPAs- Loan Level Pricing Adjustments) to the second home market loans, effective April 1, 2022. In short, they are assessing fees to high balance loans and second homes only - hence the double dipping. Perhaps this is not the correct term, but essentially the double F's are imposing investment property type fees (typically for folks with more than 2 properties) and the second home loan no longer mimics the primary home loan. It will be interesting to see how long this lasts since they seem to change their plan and how it relates to the second home loan often- like last year when they instituted a rule that second home loans could make up only 7% of one's entire portfolioand then retracted this in September 2021. What does this mean with rising interest rates in general? Yep- time to get creative. Weve been elding calls lately at REWP from lenders offering unique products to match todays times such as hard money and private money. Were excited to hear about such products for our second home/vacation home buyers along with lenders offering cash up front with quick turn times in order to make multiple offers more competitive. If your head is spinning with this quick synopsis of whats going on in lending, please call so we can share our knowledge and get you in touch with lending partners who have creative means in their nancing programs. Lastly- we are seeing the spring surge of new listings. Okmaybe its not a surge but its been a nice trickle over the past couple weeks and we are hoping it continues as it historically does every year after ski season ends.

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