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Are we close to the end of the Mountain Pine Beetle outbreak in Grand County? - by Regis Dahl

Mountain Pine Beetles are the most important insect pest of Colorados pine forest beetles often kill a large number of trees during outbreaks. Our forests in Grand County are crowded & old (at the end of their life cycle) and have had drought conditions in the past ten years. This makes the forest susceptible to attacks by beetles. [...]

The Moose’s Fishing Hole in the Fraser Valley - by Ron Owens

Craig loves to fish. He cherishes quiet moments spent alone next toa favorite fishing hole. Like all anglers he relishes the challenge of catching a wily opponent. He had looked forward all week to his Sunday morning fishing trip along the Fraser River. The morning arrived just about as perfect as it gets. The clean, fresh mountain air was [...]

Did you know? - Facts about Grand County - by Peter Gach

This is the final leg of Grand County's border to the north and west.

At the intersection of HWY 40 (at Muddy Pass and on the way to Steamboat Springs) and Hwy 14 (which goes towards Walden), The Rabbit Ears Range meanders east and northeast towards the Summer Range, encompassing around Rocky Mountain National park. The Rabbit Ears Range is [...]

Top 10 Do's and Don'ts to increase your Credit Score - by Jean Wolter

If you are hoping to obtain credit in the near future follow these guidelines to increase your FICO score: 1. Dont apply for a new credit card of ANY kind. 2. Dont pay off any collections or charge offs. 3. Dont close credit card accounts. 4. Dont max out or over charge credit cards. 5. Dont consolidate debt on to one or two credit cards. [...]

A New Way to Ride, Downhill Mountain Biking in Winter Park - by Dan Harper

Many people love the satisfaction of riding miles after leg burning miles uphill on their mountain bikes. It's the sense of accomplishment and workout that draw many people to mountain biking. Others like myself suffer through the screaming legs and burning lungs for one simple reason to reach the top for the real fun...the downhill. Flying [...]
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